7 Mar 2015

Heartbreak Hotel

Hello Everyone!!
I know. I owe you guys BIG TIME! 

I had some situations going on so I haven't been able to post. 
And I think Its going to be less possible for the next 2 months. But I promise to do what I can. 

But today I have something for you...  Along with Overlook Press we have a gift for you!!! 

They are offering a copy of Heartbreak Hotel. 

Title: Heartbreak Hotel
Author: Deborah Moggach
Publisher: Overlook Press
Release Date: March 3rd, 2015


HEARTBREAK HOTEL (on sale 3/3/15) follows a retired actor as he moves from the hustle and bustle of London to a run-down B&B that leans more towards shabby than chic. Realizing he needs to fill the B&B’s beds quickly—and tidy up the garden while he’s at it!—Buffy comes up with a brilliant plan to kill two birds with one stone: a class that teaches the newly divorced how to perform the everyday tasks previously done by their other halves, like the gardening…  

Enter a motley crew of guests: Harold, whose wife has run off with a younger woman, Amy, who’s been unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend, and Andy, the hypochondriac postman whose girlfriend is too much for him to handle. But under Buffy’s watchful eye, this disparate group of strangers finds that they have more in common than perhaps they first thought. 

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As always please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions. 

Good Luck to all of you!! 

Thanks for reading!