21 Apr 2015

A Shadow in the Flames

Title: A Shadow In The Flames
Original Title: A Shadow In The Flames
Saga: The New Aeneid Cycle #1
Author: Michael G. Munz
Publisher: Booktrope
Genre: Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi
Release Date: Dec 16, 2014


Northgate is in turmoil. Decaying, violent, and corrupt, it is a common enough city in 2051, yet soon, discoveries beneath the Moon's surface will mark the city with their first distant echoes.New arrival Michael Flynn is jobless and down to his last few dollars, but he still dreams of making a positive difference of his own. He has no family, no friends--save for the freelancer known only as Diomedes--and tonight the apartment they share will burn to the ground.

When Diomedes becomes his mentor in a search for the arsonist responsible, Michael will get the chance to realize his dreams. Joining them is Felix, a wise-cracking "information bounty hunter" who claims that neither the arsonist nor the man Michael idolizes are quite what they appear.

Will Michael find the courage to pass through the flames unscathed, or will the violence that surrounds him incinerate all that he is? Those who search the Moon will be watching...

My Opinion:

I have to admit it was a very good read. 
I got tangled up and mixed up with some lines and there were several times I had to read twice. 

Michael did a very good job on this book. At the very first part, I wasn't sure If i was going to like this book. But from the middle of the second chapter and through all the book, I found myself avid of discovering more. 

The book has mystery and adventure. It was a very good mix-up, it has a little of everything.
As the plot goes on, we find a lot of things that makes us think about them twice, like unexpected meetings that at first leaves you thinking that you missed a part of the book because you don't get it... but after a while of reading and going deeper into the story, you find that everything makes sense and you find the pieces for the puzzle.  

And there is an interesting part... The mystery of the moon. 
What is within this amazing and brilliant idea.. 
All those mining expeditions on the moon and the discoveries on it, gives you the feel that it could actually happen and it will. 
There is something bellow the surface up there and leaves you hungry of discovering it along with the characters.

I know I'm not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I did. 
To be honest, I wasn't sure about the plot but the cover dragged me into a thought that it might have been an amazing book that you just let it go. 
But just look at that picture. It lets you know there is something going on with the society. Its a very wild cover. 

About the characters. 
Lets focus on the trio. 

They make a solid team for the good work of the book. 
Michael, Diomedes and Felix. 

Michael at first didn't convinced me. He was a weak character. Way too good for the world he is living in. Living on what he wants but not actually doing it. But the grow of this character, all the background and all what he faces after his home (the only thing he had in the world) LITERALLY blows off, makes this character be shaped and molded. 

Diomedes is this bad-boy kind of character who I think its mentally broken. I could only think of this character as one of my teachers, way too rude for you to understand. 
Now seriously, I picture this character as a soldier gone wrong. He is a freelancer and that is even more scary. I mean... He is violent and he doesn't obeys rules. He is the kind of person you don't want to face in the real world because he can actually kill you without remorse! 

Felix makes this trio, the perfect trio.  He is fun and yet he made me want to hit him in the face once or twice... He seems to have the ability to attract problems. He is this characters that makes the tough world a better place to live. 
He is this fun and comedic part of the story that you find comfort on. 


Rated like this because... 

  • Good Characters
  • Development of the story 
  • Strong Female Character not as protagonist 
  • Intriguing 
  • Exciting 
  • Interesting and good backgrounded cover. 


  • I'm not fond of 3rd person writing 
  • Too complex to make a fast-read 
  • Made me mix-up and had to read twice or three times to make sure I was understanding it
  • The plot jumps makes up some confusion