4 May 2017

Bookalization #1: Frostbite

Hello everyone! 

I really don't know if there's a section like this one in any other blog. But this is going to be my new section called Bookalization. 

What is it going to be? 

Another thing I enjoy doing is listening to music and singing along. 

Sometimes when I listen to music I picture some character in some specific situation on the book that I can imagine would be feeling what the song says or that would sing that song to someone else. 

I thought I could be sharing this with you. 

I will be posting the lyrics along with the scene I picture it and maybe explaining why. 
I will hang a link with the song and if the song is in spanish I'll do my best to translate the essence of it rather than what would sound good to the melody. 

Would be REALLY important to mention that if you haven't read the book, it might and will contain spoilers. 

So I'm starting. 

This one is about Vampire Academy's second part: Frostbite. 

The scene is on the resort they went for christmas vacations. 
After Rose found out that Tasha is interested in Dimitri and that she must forget about him (TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE) and she finds Mason to be a good prospect for her. 

I can picture Rose singing this song about her troubled feelings about Mason. 
Since the moment he storms out of the room, till the moment she is found hugging Mason after Spokane.

Rose has always been aware that Mason likes her and that we would do anything for her. But she is in love with Dimitri, thats why she convinces herself to be with Mason. 

"Its a pain to know that our relation can end just because I've never known how to act.
And I know that you live for me, die for me and you have never left me behind, even when you know that sometimes I'm all fear. 
But you live with me, live in me, inside me on this confused heart, thats why I'm asking you now... 

Teach me to love you a little more. To feel with you the love you always give to me, fade the cold away. 

I want to see you now. 

Teach me to love you a little more, how to live with you." 

This would start when she finds out that Eddie, Mia and Mason have gone to Spokane. 

"I can't stand the anxiety of knowing you mine. I want to go, wherever you go. 
Far from thinking I am doing myself wrong. I have to admit, this all has turned out wrong for me. 

This would be after she killed the Strigoi. When she can't stand being apart from Mason's Body. 

Thats why, I'll learn to live. 
I'm going to hug you more and more. And I can't, I shouldn't stop looking at you. "  

This is from a Mexican group from the 90's-00's called RBD. The original is in Spanish and it's called: Enseñame.   (I did my best to translate and keep its essence.
And here is the link to the song, if you would like to hear it.