20 Jun 2014

New Blog, New Face, New Friends!

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Hello Everyone! 

This is Veraccolacci or if u want, you can call me Vera. And this is my new blog :D! 

So I have to say: WELCOME. 

When we were kids, all the stories used to go like this: "Once upon a time..." 

At the sound of those words, we were able to fly away. These words were able to transport us to our imagination. To visit the place, the story and live with the characters of the story we were listening/reading or even watching. 

Well, my blog come from that feeling you got when you were a kid and you were creating a new fairytale in your mind. It comes from that creative mind, we all had when we were kids. 

My blog comes from that illusion, imagination, feeling, playfulness and that hope we all had to live our very own fairytale. And that's what I intend for all of you when you read my blog. 

So, i invite all of you, to write your very own... "Once upon a time..." Mine, starts with books and when it comes my time( After living a thousand lives with the stories I read... ), it will end with books. My story, begins now and I invite you to come and be part of it. 

Let's get started... Shall we?