1 Dec 2014

FILIJ. International Book Fair.

Hello Storytellers! 

Today I have a little surprise along with how we lived the International Book Fair specialized in YA and Children Books. 
Along with activities for these ages groups.

So the journey begins! 

This was the promotionals at the entrance of the Fair. 
Its amazing right? 

The colors so bright and the drawings so fun. 

This one were the first stands. 
We could find English books.
(Since its in México, the books were in spanish except for this stand)

Some Comics, A Mexican publisher for illustrated books and Cuba as a guest on Cuban writers. 

 Then, We have the BookBus.

This is really cool, this bus charged with TONS of books of ALL kinds travels around the country selling books at a good price wherever this bus goes. 

And I got a book I was looking for a long time from here at only $1.50 USD!! 
Now, tell me that isn't cheap ;D  

 Here we have the sections for Children Books. 

I got some books for my niece and my nephew for the little price of... $.80 USD! 

As we walked everywhere in the place, we started finding the BIG publishing houses such as Planeta, SM, FCE and Random House. 

 Here we have a lady that was telling a story about a vegetarian vampire to the kids. 
She is part of a very cool initiative for the country. 

Reading Rooms. 
This is AMAZING. 

CONACULTA is not only promoting reading but also, having places to read. 
And this places are so cool. 

After a long walk here and there and wasting all my savings...
I took a rest with my beloved TMI Saga #5 that I was reading at that time and I had a very good time relaxing there. 

And the seats are so kickass... RIGHT? 

And last but not least: NORMA. 
I want to thank a lot to the guys of this stand because they not only showed me books that I think I'm gonna love because they got exactly my taste... But also, they were rioting for the blog. 
That was something SO COOL. 

Thank you for the support showed to my blog. 

And thats all for the post but I have something else to show you. 

Its a Book-purse from Paola Bernal Accesorios

And this is exactly the surprise I was talking about... 

 The first blog's: 

This puppy is Sad because the Giveaway is Over :( 
There will be more.  So keep on visiting! 


And those entering on the Giveaway: Good Luck!