8 Dec 2014

Destiny's Anvil

Title:  Destiny's Anvil
Original Title:  Destiny's Anvil
Author: Steven Wells Hicks
Publisher: Createspace
Genre: Mystery/Political Drama
Release Date: May 15th, 2014


Will Guidry’s career as a backwater lawyer is going nowhere until he has a couple of beers with up-and-coming political operative Tucker Callahan, whose family’s petrochemical fortune instills in him a confidence bordering on hubris. As Tucker explains to his rudderless brother, Carter, “Guidry and I made a deal because he needed a miracle and I wanted to play God.”

Guidry rides Tucker’s political horse sense into the office of Louisiana’s Attorney General, while Tucker capitalizes on Guidry’s victory to bolster his own political reputation. But what should become a powerful alliance deteriorates into a bitter feud when Guidry tries to flex his political muscle and Tucker suspects he may have maneuvered a calculating sociopath into the marble halls of power.

Caught in the crossfire is Carter, the story’s narrator. Devastated by betrayal at the hands of his brother and the woman he loved for a lifetime, Carter watches the power struggle between Tucker and Guidry from the sidelines. Everything changes when he stumbles on the charismatic attorney general committing a monstrous crime, and finds himself drawn into the vortex of his brother’s private war.

Racing from a bungled execution through ruthless political payback, before culminating in a no-holds-barred courtroom showdown, the stakes continue to rise and Carter finds his small-town naiveté peeling away. Replacing it is a mounting dread of what will happen when the hammer of justice meets destiny’s anvil.

My Opinion:

When I read the summary of the book, I thought it was interesting and that I could give it a try to get out of the comfort zone and maybe to get a little bit interested in politics. 
I was wrong. 

Steven's style of writing is creative and unique. Descriptive and even scary. 

The plot is actually well created. The characters are amazing and they have some depth and fluency in them that you can actually picture them as real people out there in the community. 
 All the situations going around drags you into the story. 

The story is interesting and intriguing. Its also full of suspense and drama within the drama. 
Full of plot twists that you didn't expected. 
Prisons, Courts, Murder... For saying the less. 

The corruption in this book makes me think of the corruption of the government of our world and that is scary. 
If we look into this story with the mind already full of murder, corruption, impunity from what is happening to the world right now (at least in my country) its scary and kind of clarifying. 

This book is amazing but its just not for me.
The language is a little bit complex and way too much politics for me. 
For me, it was slow and tedious to continue reading. 
I kept hoping that I would be interested in some point but I failed. 

This stuff is just not made for over-creative imagination at midnight when I plan to dream about how kickass would it be to be part of the book. 


Rated like this because... 
Its a good book
    • Well written
    • Good plot 
    • Good character development


    • Not interesting to me-Not my taste AT ALL
    • Took me ages to finish it 
    • I got lost in the timeline 

*I want to thank Kelsey from Book Publicity Services for providing a free copy for this Review.