2 Jan 2015


Hello everyone!!

No, I'm not gone or leaving the blog. 

I have had some issues with both, my laptop and internet. 
So I have not been able to write anything for almost a month even when I had the time.

I started a new job that requires 98% of my time since I am now doing the Internship for the career but I will keep on writing and of course, on reading. 

I have some titles to Review that I will add in some lines (without any specific order) that will requiere some more of my time since they are e-books. 

Because of this issues and the new status requiring some of my time on this 24hrs job I have decided that according to my needs, The following note HAD to be added: 

If you would like me to Review a title for you, the title will be added to the bottom of my Request TBR. 
Will take about 3-4 months to submit the Review. Since I require much more time to be able to finish reading it. 

Its faster for me to read on paperback, if sending a copy is fitting for you this will help both, you and me to finish your book in less time. 

For blog tours I will requiere to know when your book is published, a date you expect the Review to be done and I am going to need to be informed about the tour at least 1 month before. 

*For the address or any review request, please send an e-mail with the summary, genre, author and date of publication. 
After setting this clear. 
 I'm letting you know the Request TBR. 
Since I consider them a lot at this moment, I will be giving priority to this list.
Consider the list when sending your request.
  • Puppet
  • You Are Mine
  • A Grimm Legacy 
  • Noise
  • ** Good Raider ** 
  • Kitty Hawk and the Curse of Yukon
  • Tabloid Teacher
  • Rules for Riders 
  • All Thats Bright 

Oh! And ... 
Congratulations to Lysette as the winner of the purse Giveaway. 
I will post a picture of the gift as she choosed for all of you. 

This was all.