5 Jul 2015

Lets talk about ... Poetry

Title:  Dear Lover
Author: Lori Jenessa Nelson
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: Dec. 8th, 2014
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Dear Lover, is a poetry collection about hope and heartbreak, about love in its short, long, and temporary forms, about how love can be cloaked in abuse, how love can build us or break us, the hard and soft of it, the good, the bad, and the completely atrocious.

Written in letter format, the poetry includes a couple sonnets, a villanelle, and a pantoum among the formal verse poetry, but a lot of it is an experimentation with prose poetry, though it includes lots of free verse also.

My Opinion:

Its not the typical way of writing poetry, Lori has a very unique and personal way of showing us some stories.  Takes us among the relationships and experiences that she has been through and invites us to live the roller coaster of feelings and lets us explore love in all her ways. 

I want to say, she expressed what I have failed to do, in just the right words... 

It makes you feel in love all the time and really plays with your emotions. 
The way she describes everything makes this book a very graphical one. 

Its a unique format since the notebook cover. It is so logical and at the same time is full of metaphors. Graphical and Subjective. Smart and its foolish as well. 

In a way, it makes sense. But I am still unsure If its a He or a They. 

I was unaware that poetry could hold such perfection and beauty on a common non-poetry like comparison. Like butter. But Lori found the way to make the slogan sound like poetry. 

Its worth a read. And completely a second read too.  

Dear Lover... A lock is nothing without a key to close it. 

What is a journey without someone who wanders if sometimes a pair is made of two

For we only have a short time to learn the magic of how two become one


Rated like this because... 
    • The poems express a lot of feelings
    • Creative 
    • Easy to Understand
    • Not the common poetry form 
    • Amazing Analogies
    • Smart 


About the author.

Lori Jenessa Nelson is a writer, dancer, musician, and artist who strives to give form to the complexities of the human spirit and its wants, desires, thoughts, sufferings, victories, and failures in the form of verse. 

 She began writing prose and poetry at the age of 10 along with very active journaling. 

Writing in both formal verse and freeform, she further explored the form of prose poetry that inspired her manuscript, Dear Lover, which covers some of her personal anecdotes in letter formats in an effort to make her writing more relatable to persons of all ages and backgrounds. 

Connect with the Author:    

I received a complementary copy from the author in exchange of an honest Review.

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