1 Apr 2017

Short News

Hello Everyone! 

I have abandoned the blog more than it was already. 
But now I am determined to make it come alive again. 

Policies have changed so please read them. 

For all authors and publishers: I will NOT be accepting any more books for review until further notice. 
This is because I have a LOT of pending requests. 

The last Blog Tour I'll be taking part of will be announced shortly. After that I am not joining any Tours or Blitz because I won't have read your book in time. 

Since I still have 150+ requests I made myself a system for priority. 
Like a Triage.
So here it is how I will work for this requests. 

  • Curiosity Quills. 
  • Physical books.
  • Netgalley.
  • Kelsey's BPS. 
  • Inkitt. 
  • Indie. 
  • Self-Published. 
I will post all the books that I am missing when I am done organizing the requests. 

Thanks for reading.