15 Aug 2014

Book Haul #1

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Hello Everyone!

Today I've decided to do the first Book Haul. 
I wanted to show the books I got during this time and maybe if you have read one or more of them you can tell me your opinion.

First of all... I don't and won't do monthly Book Hauls, because i might get only one book a month or maybe I can get 3 or 4. 
Since I'm unsure on how many books i'm getting, I am doing the Book Haul for the first semester of the year. 

Hope you like it!! 

These are the books I got From January-July of this year. 

I've been waiting for a long time to read some of this books... like The Mortal Instruments saga, Hush Hush and Delirium. 

I'm missing 4 books here and that's because someone in my family is reading it so I don't have the physical copy but I'm leaving the covers here: 


 From the books I've showed: The one I read first was "The One" I was just so tangled with the story that I NEEDED to read it. And it was not disappointing. 

Lejos de Frin, is a book for Kids or Teens that I read once in Elementary and I liked it so much that I just had to buy it. 

Dulce Compañia called my attention because it is about a journalist that looks for an article and she is sent to investigate about an Angel. She is sceptic about an Angel living in a poor community full of superstitions. Since I have not started reading it, I still don't know what the real plot is. As soon as I read it, I'll post my review here. 

Both Books of Robin Hobb are a saga. These two books were a gift from my cousin and they are fiction. And I heard they have some magic and good characters. Unfortunately, one of them is a sequel so I can't read it because I'm trying to find the first book. 

Night School 2, Its a book I was eager to read. The first book left me with that curiosity of whats next that I just went buying the same day I finished the first one. 

The mortal instruments are just books that I want to read, that everyone likes and I'm just unable to read. Same with Hush Hush. So, now is the time! Get to it, Vera! You can do it! 

Un amor inadecuado its a book with Romance all over. And I was left with such a warm feeling from love and more love and romance all over. That I just needed some more of the romantic cake. But its a saga and I don't find the first books. 

Malamor is a saga about a legend in Chile. Where people has been cursed by not being able to love. And there is a mystery going on in this community that I'm eager to solve. 

Vampire Academy is another saga I have to read, I got this as a gift but its not the first of the saga so I can't read it but I'm going to get the other books as soon as I can. 

Delirium, same as all the sagas before. I want to read it, I've heard lots of it and I just didn't have it. 

Get to them Vera! 

Thank you for reading!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of my shopping and the books I got. 

If you have reviewed one (or many) of them...
Please leave me the link so I can read the review.