1 Aug 2014

Liebster Award and Dardos Prize

Hello Everyone! 
En Español Aqui

This post is to thank  Somos Lectores from the blog: Rodando entre Mundos for the nomination for the Liebster Award and Dardos Prize. 

As you can see, I'm pretty much new so I really don't know how this works, but I am doing my best. 

I just read her post of this and I have seen it in so many blogs that I'm honoured that I have been nominated. 

Here the rules for Liebster Award: 
1. To Thank and Follow the blog that has nominated you. 
2. Answer the 11 questions asked to you. 
3. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and let them know. 
4. Make 11 questions to the blogs you nominated. 
5. Make Liebster Award Logo visible on your blog. (Pink if the first time you win, Green if its the second one) 
6. Give a visit to the other nominates.    

The Dardos Prize is a recognition for the creativity and the will to keep their blogs on the track. 

Here the rules for Dardos Prize:
1.Thank, Link and Follow the blog that has nominated you. 
2. Show the image of the prize. 
3. Nominate 15 blogs. 

Here the questions for Once Upon a Book:

1. ¿Do you have any signed book? 

  • Wish I had one but unfortunately no. Some day I WILL have not one but as many as I can. 

2. ¿Are you part of a fandom? 

  • Books: I'm a Potterhead, Divergent, Tolkiendili, Idhunite... Too many to list? 
  • Music: TRIPLE S

3. ¿Your favorite serie

  • Books: Divergent, The Selection, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Memorias de Idhun. 
  • TV: Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, CSI, Law & Order. 

4. ¿What is your favorite book?

  • Too hard to answer since I have so many books I love and consider as favorites. I will say one of this year and a classics too. 
    • Divergent Saga  and Hamlet/Otelo/Romeo and Juliet 

5. ¿What is your favorite candy? 
  • Chocolates 100%

6. ¿Who is your favorite character?

  • Same as the books, its hard to choose only one. But I will say Tris because of her bravery and the decisions she makes through all the saga. 

7. A character that you hate: 

  • Umbridge, Lucius Malfoy, President Snow are just SOME of them. 

8. A book which you hated the cover but you loved the story: 

  • Take a bow in spanish version because the cover was SO plain but the story is totally amazing. 

9. A book that you loved the cover but you hated the story: 

  • Breaking Down. The cover is intriguing and it has the elements characteristic of all books but the story on it and specially the ending was not as epic as would expect. 

10. #EsTipicodeLectores... (Its Typical In Readers...) 

  • #ItsTypicalInReaders to have friends that don't understand your bookish language. 

My nominees *Some of them have a little more than 200 but less than 500: 

Extra Nominees for the Dardos Prize. 

My questions for the nominees: 

1. ¿How much time you have been book blogging?
2. ¿Do you participate in any blogging initiative? 
3. ¿What is your favorite Book Cover? 
4. ¿Which was the first blog that you read? 
5. ¿What would you read in a Rainy/Stormy Day? 
6. ¿What characteristics do you look up in the protagonist of a (choose genre) story?
7. ¿Which is the last book you read, but not reviewed? 
8. A cover that has purple on it. 
9. A cover with a cat (or feline) on it. 
10. The movie adaptation that you consider the most loyal to the book. 
11. Tell us 5 things about yourself. 

Thank you for reading! 
Don't forget to leave a comment. 

Waiting the answers of the Nominees.