10 Oct 2014

Because we care!!

Hello Storytellers! 

I have a new post to do along with my "Best Blog Award".
And its nothing more than this amazing initiative CO2 Neutral. 

And I'm sure  you are all asking to yourself: ¿What is Co2 Neutral? 

Here's your answer: 

CO2 Neutral is an initiative from Ofertia.com where they inform of their Offers to their clients online to reduce the waste of printed catalogue paper that honestly, we just take a look and throw it away. 

According to Dr. Alexander Wissner-Gross a blog generates 0.02g of Co2. 
Let's say a small blog has 1,000 visits per month. That would make about 240g per year but what about the BIG blogs... Let's say they have 15,000 views which would make about 3.6kg per year!

¿You think its just a little bit? Tell me: ¿How many blogs do you visit in a month? ¿How many times? 
¿How many blogs do you know? ¿How many blogs do you think there are in ALL THE WORLD?

If we start adding those variables... It gets a little scary. 

The production of CO2 comes from the use of electricity, the use of your computer, servers and the cooling of this. 

I don't know about the bloggers out there, but I DO CARE. 
Not so long ago, I used to have a group with some friends destined to take care of nature. We were underage and immature at that time so it just didn't work out well, but we did do some things for helping mother earth out there... 
We planted some trees that I'm happy to say they are growing so well. :') My babies! 

Now, that's exactly the point... 

¿How much Carbon Dioxide you think a tree absorbs? 

Well, its impossible to know the exact amount isn't it? 
Depends on the kind of tree, the light, water flow, etc. 
But there are some data that goes from 10 to 30kg per tree, per year!!! 

The squirrel is going fast over there, right? I guess you are thinking about those blogs I talked about earlier. 

These guys from Ofertia sponsors a tree with the initiative "My blog is Co2 Neutral."

That's exactly what I'm doing here. 
I've decided to give out a hand there and help them sponsor a tree for my blog. (Yay for that little tree buddy) 

To all Storytellers out there... To my brothers and sisters in blogging... I have this words for you: 
Take care of nature. (We don't want to end up living a dystopia) Nature has ways to clean itself but we're making it so hard for it to do it. Won't be able to do it alone any longer... 

 Earth has been taking care of us, it's time for us to give it back!! 
Plant a tree. Close that tap. Shorten your 40 min. showers. Put a bucket under the shower while waiting the hot water to come out. Use that water for your flowers and plants. Water them in morning or afternoon, that way sun takes longer to evaporate the water. Get your bills on email. Turn off the things you are not using. (Laptop, lights, radio, television)

BOOKS OVER TELEVISION. (For nature's sake!!) 

Reuse, Reduce, Recicle! 
Here are some cool ideas:  (Click to make them bigger) 

Bloggers: Make your blog CO2 Neutral.