10 Oct 2014

Best Blog Award

Hello Storytellers! 

I've got this lovely award from my very good friend from Escaleras Al Cielo to whom I'm really thankful. (You made my night!!) 

She updates a lot of content with very unique posts and sections. So if you speak spanish, that is a Blog you should be visiting, Totally Worth IT

So let's talk about this award. 

Here are the rules: 
  • Thank and Follow the blog that has nominated you. 
  • Tell us 11 things about you. 
  • Answer the questions that were set up for you. 
  • Nominate some blogs and make your questions for them. 

Here is the deal... I don't know what 11 things about me should I be telling you so, I'm just going to say what my mind came to. 

  1. I never learned how to ride a bike. (Shame on me!)
  2. I'm afraid of clowns.
  3. I have a mess in my room, no matter how many times I try to fix it. 
  4. I love collecting school/office items. Like... Post-its, Scrapbook paper, Stickers, Color Pens, etc.
  5. I REALLY love purple (If that was not obvious) I would even consider calling my child: Violet. 
  6. I enjoy doing DIYs even when I don't have the time. 
  7. Talking about time... I procrastinate a little bit TOO MUCH ...
  8. Even when I read Young-Adult most of the time, I'm a BIG fan of Poe, Shakespeare, Byron...
  9. I firmly believe that I was born in the wrong era. 
  10. I create fantasy stories in my mind... ALL the time. 
  11. I have a story for a book, but I've been procrastinating to write it for 4 years. 

Here my answers to Escaleras Al Cielo questions: 

¿What is your favorite genre? 
Young Adult

¿Is there any book you hate? 
I don't hate books. But I dislike the story on the book: Arrebatos Carnales. Its about the characters of Mexico's History getting involved (intimately) with each other. That is not my thing. And I just found out its a saga... 

¿What is the first thing that calls your attention of a book?
Name and Looks. I know I should not judge a book by its cover but... Truth is: I DO.

¿3 Characters you have fall in love with and why? 
¿ONLY 3? That's so unfair... xD I fall in love with MANY characters. 

Let's see... Jace, Maxon, Carter, Reed, Mr. Grey, Jacob, Harry, Sylvain, Yandrak, Kirtash... Want me to keep going?

¿Why did I fall in love with them? Because they are perfect within their imperfections. 
Jace, Carter and Kirtash with that "Bad Boy/ Rebel" style.   
Harry, Yandrak, Maxon, Sylvain with their "Sweet/Charming" personality in their own way each. 
Jacob is THAT Best Friend that wants to date you and is SO FRIENDZONED.
Reed and Grey being Playful each in his own situation. 

¿What kind of music you like?
A little of everything. Kpop, Jrock, Pop, Rock, Metal, Gothic. Keep me out of Salsa, Reggaeton or Cumbia and we're OK.

If you could choose a fantasy place to live, ¿Which would this be? 
I decide to live in a Crossover world. Where we have fantastical creatures, wizards going to wizarding school, A place for Snakes, Dragons and Unicorns, A place where everyone is able to change their aura to do some magic, A place where there are magical light stones and runes in your skin.

¿What is your favorite book and why?
No. Just no. I don't have a favorite book, I have lots. 
I've listed some sagas on the sidebar. 
Stand-Alone: The Alchemist, The Little Prince, Momo, Romeo and Juliet, Otelo. 

Name a protagonist you have hated.
Again, I don't hate anyone. 
But America made me nuts. Allie made me nuts. Common' even Tris made me nuts. 
They all have a little annoying in them. Which makes them more human, more living and more real. Which is a good thing talking about the Author that created them. 

¿Why did you created a blog? 
Because I wanted to share my opinion about books. 
My boyfriend, friends and family are tired of me talking about books they are not interested about. 

And here are my nominees and questions: 

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1. ¿Which is/was your favorite subject?
2. Be brave: ¿What is your most shameful characteristic?
3. ¿Which book is your guilty pleasure? 
4. ¿What social media you use the most?
5. ¿Which book you have in your TBR and you have been procrastinating too much into reading it?
6. Choose a recent movie toon. ¿Why did you picked him/her? 
7. ¿Which book are you reading right now? 
8. Name a Disney Princess for rating the last book you read and explain why. 
9. ¿How did you decided to start reading that book?
10. Name a Blogger and a BookTuber worth the time...