27 Oct 2014

BookTag #1: The Sick Book Tag!

Hello Storytellers! 

You're gonna kill me. 
Its been a long time since I do not post anything.

I've had situations about career that have been making me impossible to even turn my laptop on! 

But first I want to thank Escaleras Al Cielo for nominating me (once again) to another award. 
I have not forgot... XD I swear. 

Second: I have 2 ideas going on...

And Today we have FINALLY: The First Book-Tag of the Blog. 

I had to think about which one making first. 
I've decided to do: The Sick/Ill Book Tag!  (Because of reasons...) 

1)Diabetes - A book too sweet, like really sweet. 

The One by Kiera Cass. I mean, what can be sweetest than the amazing ending of The Selection Saga? Its a book about LOVE and the dedication you put in a relationship. 
It has this SUPER SWEET quote that I love... But as said before... I can't tell without giving spoilers of the book. 

2) Chicken Pox - A book you've read once and will never pick up again. 

I'm not sure to have a book THAT bad... And I don't know if it counts but: The Origin of Life by A. I. Oparin. I read it on highschool on demand and that's the only way I would actually try to read it again. I remember it was too complex when I read it and 0% interesting no matter how much I could have loved chemistry, health and science in general... 

3) Influenza - A contagious book that spreads like a virus. 

Maze Runner by James Dashner. And has nothing to do with the movie. But I mean, I was pushed over and over to read it. Everyone is reading it, read it or has it on their TBR. 

4) The Cycle - A book you read every month, year or often. 

Said that...
By the River Piedra I sat down and wept by Paulo Coelho. Its such a charming story. Its the book I've read the most. I read it 4 times in one year. And its curious... I gave that book to a friend weeping for a lost love and she gift it to another friend who gifted it... and so on. 

5) Insomnia - A book that kept you up all night. 

I would have to say... 2 books. 
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. I remember with New Moon staying all night awake reading with a little clip lamp under the sheets till mother came telling me to go sleep and read it again when she left. 
With City of Ashes happened kind of the same thing, I slept not even an hour... I spent ALL day reading it, even during class... I almost fall sleep driving on my way back home. 

6) Amnesia- A book that's forgotten and failed to leave a powerful impression in your memory. 

Platero y Yo (Platero and I) by Juan Ramon Jimenez. I forgot I had it, forgot I've read it and forgot the plot story in general. Even when I remember I liked it or had a good impression but failed to stay in my memory. I had to think about what to answer to this question for 2 hours, 1 movie and dinner... 

7) Asthma - A book that took your breathe away. 

A little cliche but its totally... The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. 
I mean, there were parts that I had to stop, think about it for a second and go back to read. 
Its a huge phenomenon but I think its for good. I mean after the movie... Who isn't aware of what TFIOS is? Who is Hazel and Gus? or Who is John Green? 
If someone doesn't know what I'm talking about... Its probably someone from other planet. 

8) Malnutrition - A book that lacked food for thought. 

Witch and Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson. I liked the book and everything, but it was kind of boring and slow and just went over with the same thing... There was a part where action was supposed to be taking part and NOTHING! 
I think this was lacking some stuff. 

9) Travel Sickness - A book that took you on a journey through time and space. 

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel Saga by Michael Scott. Seriously... I was living along with the characters, going here and there, time to time... It was unbelivable! There's this mystery all around the book and you find out at the VERY END of the book. And when you find out the mystery... Its impossible not wanting to read ALL THE STORY all over again... because now you know that might be some clues that you missed in the traveling. 

And that's everything for now!

Thank you for reading! 

Leave a comment and tell me if you agree with any of this. 
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