8 Nov 2014


Title:  Pulsaciones
Original Title:  Pulsaciones
Author: Javier Ruescas/ Francesc Miralles
Publisher: SM
Genre: YA/ Romance
Release Date: Sep 26th, 2013
Language: Spanish 


Elia acaba de salir del coma.
¿Lo bueno?
Está bien y tiene móvil nuevo, así que por fin puede hablar con todo el mundo por HeartBits.
¿Lo malo?
No recuerda los tres días anteriores al accidente.

¿Qué habrá pasado durante ese tiempo? ¿Quién será ese tal Phoenix que no deja de mandarle mensajes? ¿Y por qué cada vez que Elia piensa en lo que ha podido olvidar… siente que le falta el aire?

Second Summary:

Elia just came out of the coma. 

The good thing? 
She is fine and has a new phone, so she can talk to everyone through HeartBits. 

The bad thing? 
She doesn't remember the three days before the accident

¿What happened during that time? ¿Who is Phoenix, who won't stop texting her? ¿And why every time Elia thinks of what she could forget... she feels short of breathe? 

My Opinion:

Its amazing! 
I loved it. 

Its written in a very original way since its all written on Text messages. 
To be honest I didn't thought it was going to be possible to transmit a full story and emotions this way but I was surprised. 

It made me laugh, cry and ask myself the story of this girl. 

Elia is just a girl who had an accident and doesn't remembers what happened with her in the last days before the accident. She is a normal girl like you (if you are a girl) or me. Her story is filled with some mystery about this person who won't stop texting her and she doesn't know who this person is. She is curious and very fun. 

Phoenix, I am in love with him, he gave me a whole lot of quotes to my favorites list. 
The mystery aura over this character is great. He has that "bad boy" something that we all love in this kind of characters. At some point I thought we had some nerdy attitude too, but he is still one of my favorite guys. 

Sue, Tommy and Marion are the friends of Elia and they are her support. They are the ones telling us some details of Elia's life. How she is and what she likes. This characters are important in some way to solve the puzzle. 

The plot is very simple and yet its very interesting.
We get to discover the character's personality and the story of Elia before the accident with very little clues that leaves us thinking about what else she remembers and what happened in those days she can't remember or why she can't remember them.

The ending is VERY shocking but well written.

Its a story, with a lot of quotes and a ton more of phrases that will melt your heart.

This story teaches us that there is nothing that can interfere in our way when we are fighting for something. 


Rated like this because... 

    • I liked the story
    • Easy to read
    • Original way to write
    • Quote material 


    • Its only in Spanish