9 Sep 2015

Review: The Lost Remnant

Title: The Lost Remnant 
Original Title: The Lost Remnant  
Saga: Pieces of Eden #1
Author: J.N. Race
Publisher: RPG-media
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: July 4th, 2014


For Azsha Daggerwall the outside world has always been shrouded in secrecy. Confined to the space of a gypsy show-wagon since infancy, she has long rebelled against the wishes of an overbearing stage mother bent on her grand ascent. Little does she know, the lady harbors a dark and powerful secret that, once exposed, will have a devastating impact, not only on Azsha's life but on the whole of existence. 

Aqua'Callah: Our world viewed through the faded lens of time before recorded history began; a place where magic took its first steps and animals walked and spoke alongside the races of Nymph, Hume, Elf, and others. Creator gods struggle in the face of a new agenda after an ambitious experiment gone terribly wrong. Only the missing link can put all back to right. 

A young woman’s yearning for a chance at life is granted but at a terrible price. Can she bear the weight of her newfound knowledge while seeking to unlock the mystery of herself?  
Forced to leave the security of her tribe, the only family she has ever known, Azsha embarks on a journey of self-discovery set in a time of uncertainty and upheaval to brave the mounting dangers that threaten her present and our future.

My Opinion:

It was unbelievably awesome!  
We start of a dancer who happens to have a secret, a secret so well hidden that she doesn't know herself but only her parents do. 
She encounters a lot of quests in her path to discover herself in the middle of some Godly Issues. 

I mean... What could ever possibly be wrong to a girl who is beautiful beyond limits, who is in the seek of herself, who has never go out of her gypsy wagon in such a little place like her world? 

Its so detailed and descriptive that I could see the characters, the village, the whole world that J.N. Race has created. Everything is so vivid and vibrant. 

We have Azsha for the principal role, she is beyond beauty, she is a talented dancer, kind of dumb and so stuck in her square mind that her mother made her have. 
She has such an inner growth that its fantastic to live along with her.  

Now I don't have a lot of words to say to ever make justice to this book. 
Its a total cliff-hanger that makes you want more and more and more... I'm wishing too discover that Race comes out with for the next books on the saga. 

Oh and I'm leaving here the trailer so you guys get excited as me and hurry on to grab this book. 


Rated like this because... 
    • Amazing World Building
    • Great Characters 
    • All the races and the fantasy 
    • Original Concept for the protagonist
    • I love the hair of the girl... (So purply like mine which makes her perfect!
    • Good writing 
    • It has a nice combo of action-myth-fantasy
    • Suitable for Adults and Teens despite the YA genre


    • Not on a nice rhythm... I had to stop like a ton of times, take a break, read something else and then come back to this book. 
    • Took me ages to finish it. 

About the author.

J. N. Race is a trophy junkie and retrogaming fanatic who resides in Southern California. Raised on a healthy diet of fable and fiction, frequent childhood library trips served as the main pathway into an escapist world of fantasy lore. A love of video games would soon follow, thus enhancing a deep and unchallenged respect for the power of Story and the written word. A graduate of American Intercontinental University, J. N. Race obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication in 2006.

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I received a complementary copy from RPG-media on Netgalley in exchange of an honest Review.

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