16 Sep 2015

Booktag: Mexican Festivity

Hello Everyone!! 

Today in Mexico we celebrate Independence Day. With lots of food, music, dancing, drinking and of course a lot of fun things to do around. 

So, to celebrate in my very own way... I am coming up with this Mexican Festivity Booktag that I saw first on the Mexican Special by GeekMarloz (Si hablas español, puedes dar click en el nombre y te llevara al tag original). 

With that said... Lets start with the tag. 

  • Sombrero - A book you can't stop thinking about. 

I choosed You Are Mine by Jeneal Falor. I mean, this book is so amazing that since I finished not so long ago, I have not been able about thinking on the next books of the series. 
The Review is yet to come soon.

  • Bigote (Moustache) - A book that made a revolution on the world or on yourself. 

I call Harry Potter Series for this one. Its just that this saga, made the whole world go crazy for Potter, we still are and I think, we will be for some time. We are all Potterheads. Everywhere you go you will find at least one person (I'm sure there are more) that read all the books and watched all the movies and the ones that secretly keep on waiting their acceptance letter. 
This saga opened many doors for the YA scenario in general. (Which, I'm very grateful for.

  • Flag - A book that has Green, White and Red on the cover. 

Las Hijas de las Tormentas: El quinto cristal by Jordi Sierra I. Fabra. (The daughters of the storm: The fifth crystal.) This book is green, the crystal is red and has details on white. So yeah, close enough. 
And this saga is totally kickass. So If you haven't read it, go and do it now. 

  • Cadenas de Papel (Paper Chains) - A book of tales.

Extraños Peregrinos: Doce cuentos by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. (Strange Pilgrims: Twelve tales)   Because of course, its just an amazing book that everyone MUST read. School work or not. 

  • Mariachi - A mexican male author.

Juan Villoro- His stories are full of fun and magic. He has a very unique writing style which makes him one of the most important mexican authors. 

  • Tequila - A book that makes you bipolar.
I would say... Witch and Wizard saga. 
It was good enough at the beginning, a good plot, good characters, nice reading rhythm, nice writing style. Then the second book and the next books after that... they were terribly boring!!! Nothing interesting happened. It went on a loop which was... repetitive, slow, idle. It was plain and lifeless. 

So even when I liked the concept, I hated the execution. 

  • Charro- A book that has tied you. 

Vampire Academy. Its such an amazing saga with a lot of explosive characters with fun personalities and lots of crazy situations. 
Since the very first book it got me. (Dimitri specifically, but no further explanation needed

  • China Poblana - A mexican female author. 

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. She has great poems. Full of life, creativity and expression of common things in significant words. A woman who had the guts to go against society to her work published. 

  • Rebozo - A very colorful cover. 

Pulsaciones by Javier Ruescas. 
Many pixels with many colors, a huge heart that make this cover a gorgeous one. 
One of my favs. 

  • Piñata - An author you would knock his/her teeth out.

Stephenie Meyer. 
Because how you fracking end a book like that??? Not just the book but a whole saga! 

The following paragraph contains spoilers of Breaking Down, Twilight Saga Book #4. 
Continue under your own risk if you have not read it. 
Spoiler Starts on the alert and finishes when you see the spoiler alert again. 

After all that Bella and Edward went through, that made her got almost killed by a vampire kid who would be destroying her by the inside. (And how the hell if vampires do not have circulating blood the damn vampire had enough blood to sustain his buddy and get a mortal girl pregnant, makes no sense) After that nonsense, a cry-baby goes accusing the Cullen with their momma, I meant, the Vulturi, then Cullens call a fracking gigantic horde of vampires to support them, the tough guys go on  frightening around and then, when you are supposed to get a HUGE, BAD ASS, Vampire War... NOTHING HAPPENS! Like, they just get a vision of what may happen BUT DOESN'T. 
Everyone leaves to their homes peacefully... 

Just like... WTF? 

And also, what kind of twisted mind makes a damn hot werewolf fall in love with a baby... A BABY that wasn't even friggin born!! 

No, Seriously. 
This woman, deserves that I knock out all of her teeth. 

And thats how this ends

Thank you for reading. 

Please comment if you agree with me, your own answers and if you want to make your tag pass on the link on the comments. 

Until next post!