2 Oct 2015

Cover Reveal + Excerpt: Twice Upon A Time

Hello Storytellers!! 

Today I have something for you. 

A special for this amazing novel: Twice Upon A Time by Hope Irving. 

Since Its supposed to be among other things, a Cover Reveal... I'm gonna talk about this beauty. 

Look at that! 
I like the font that Hope decided to use, gives it an ancient look and the little pattern on the T gives the title some Extra. 
The words are understandable, not loaded with glyphs or color.

The light on the center is very well placed and you can see two words: True Love. 
What a way to call to your attention. 

I enjoyed looking at the cover because I'm in love with the symbol tangled into the heart. 
I'm a symbol lover and I have the triad as one of my favorites. 

BUT, Pink, its not really my color. Thats the only thing I don't like, but its not because of the cover itself, but because of my personal taste. 

This cover is simple, catchy to the eye and not loaded with images, huge texts, or many colors. 

Now, lets talk about the Book, Shall we? 

Title:  Twice Upon A Time
Original Title: Twice Upon A Time 
Author: Hope Irving
Publisher: ???
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Romance
Release Date: Oct. 31st, 2015

Hope has been a blast to work with and decided to let me share with you an Excerpt of Twice Upon A Time. 

“Hi, I called you last week about registration—" I opened the cupboard to get a plate for my cinnamon raisin bagel that was being toasted as I spoke. 
 Without letting me finish my sentence, the sexy voice, still this aching tone—not from a sore throat, then—declared, “Hi, yourself.” A cough on the other end of the line. 
 “Oh, I remember you!” He chuckled. 
 “You hang up on me so fast I didn’t get your name. 
”How could he remember me from a week ago?“ So I guess, it’s ‘Hi, yourself... again’, right?” 
 He paused for a split second, in a playful tone, added, “I do remember your voice, though. Will you tell me your name this time or are we gonna play hide and seek again? That’s why you’re calling back, right? You realized your mistake?” 
Flabbergasted, I replied, putting a large amount of cream cheese on my heated bagel. 
 “Exactly... I forgot to give you my name. You’re gifted, you know, recognizing my voice like that. I bet I wasn’t the only one who called to enroll.” 
A giggle that almost came out as a roar.“You’re right, I got a few phone calls...” 
 He coughed again then said, “But actually recognizing your voice was pretty easy. I like your voice: warm, confident, although I can hear a little bit of worry in it, probably due to both excitement and fright at attending the workshop as you’re curious about what to expect, I would say.”
Did he say that to everybody, to be nice?
“ Your voice is tinged with... I don’t know, sorrow, I would say, and that’s why it sounds different. 
”O-kay, where did that come from? I sighed at his accurate comment. 
“Well,” I started, biting on the bagel to buy me some time, “Thanks for the comment on my voice. You’re insightful, I must add.”
Then out of the blue I blurted out, “I love your voice... too... mmm.
”Did I say that out loud? Sure I meant it but couldn’t say that to a complete stranger.
“I mean... I like your voice, too.”Silly me. Now he was going to think I was hitting on him over the phone. Great! 
“Thanks, stranger. And by the way, I wasn’t making a comment about your voice I was paying you a compliment,” he stated, correcting my assumption. 
“So, anyway, what did you say your name was?” “I didn’t give it to you, yet. Sorry, I’m not doing that on purpose, I swear.”
Here I was, toying with my hair again, embarrassed. 
 “My name is Rose Perry.” “So I remember you’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy but never had the chance, is that correct?”
 Calm and in control, with a sensual kind of a rugged voice, from which you could altogether fantasize about a hot guy as its beholder. 
 © 2015 Hope Irving

Sounds like fun. 
I have started reading it myself and I am having a good time with such an entertainment. 

I'm sure you want to get lost on this magical adventure and discover the mystery of this legend. 

Even if the book is not available yet, you can make sure that you get your own copy as soon as it gets released.
Hope has set up the book for a Pre-Order on Amazon and Smashwords, so grab your copy and get ready to explore. (You can find the links along with the General Info.

About the author.

Hope Irving is the proud mother of a lovely and witty young lady, and the lucky wife of a loving and supportive husband. She's a debut indie author who lived in Paris, France, most of her life and also in the US, where she graduated with a master degree.
She loves Nutella and Camembert cheese (not together), carrot cake and cinnamon Altoids. 
Her favorite fictional characters are Eric Northman (Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris) and Sean Bateman (The Rules of Attraction, Bret Easton Ellis). 

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