15 Mar 2016

Challenge Update

The update on the challenges. 

Remember that you can also participate on one of the challenges. (Or both!
You will find a link to the entry where I explain each of this on the title of the sections below. 

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2016 Reading Challenge

1. A book published this year.  
2. A book you can finish in a day.
3. A book you've been meaning to read.
4. A book recommended by your local librarian or bookseller.
5. A book you should have read in school. 
6. A book chosen by your boyfriend, sibling, child, bff. 
7. A book published before you were born. 
8. A book that was banned at some point.
9. A book you previously abandoned.
10. A book you own but have never read.  
11. A book that intimidates you. 
12. A book you're already read at least once. 

3 - All that's Bright. 
Meaning to read? I've had it on my TBR since December of 2014. It HAD to be read. 
And even if it is a Christmas book and we are not on christmas anymore... You'll have a Christmas review soon. 

4, 8- The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  
This is obvious. Who wouldn't recommend this book? Its FANTASTIC. (Enough said
Unlike what everyone would thought, this book was asked to be retired from schools and public libraries due to the explicit content on drugs, homosexuality or language. 

10, 11 - The Host. 
I have had the book on my shelf for a long time and I really wanted to read it but let's admit it... It looks way too big to even start. But the reading Is easy. The review soon. 

1. A diary.
2. An inanimate magical object.
3. A character using earphones. 
4. A character that likes rock. 
5. A scene of a character walking his/her pet. 
6. A wild animal. 
7. A character who draws. 
8. Someone that flies. 
9. Someone listening to classical music. 
10. A person on a leather jacket. 
11. A person whose singing is not very good. 
12. A classical novel. (The book itself or a reference to it) 
13. A propelling pencil. 
14. A scene where something breaks or spills.
15. Someone who is speaking on their phone. 
16. A calendar. 
17. A cup of chocolate or coffee. 
18. A character who goes camping. 
19. A brand internationally known. 
20. A singing bird. 

1- The letters that Charlie writes on The Perks of Being a Wallflower are pretty much as a diary. He expresses what happens on the day in a very unique way. 

7- Wanda on The Host draws lines and remembers Jeb drawing the same lines on the hint to Melanie's Memories. 

12- There are a lot of references to classical novels on The Perks of Being a Wallflower from the books that Charlie gets from his teacher. 

18 - I guess that Lena and all the Resistance on Requiem could achieve this. 

19- The Jeep that Jared drives or the Cheetos that Wanda devours on The Host

1. A character that whistle.
2. Someone or something that gets burned. 
3. A costume or a character on a costume.
4. A party or celebration.
5. A glass object.
6. A character whose name starts with "M".
7. A flower bouquet. 
8. A person who trips on with something or someone. 
9. Someone who gets punished/grounded by his/her parents/teacher/tutor. 
10. A racket.
11. A character that likes extreme sports.
12. A chess board. 
13. A pen. 
14. A necklace.
15. A character eating salad. 
16. A character that translates. 
17.  A birthday cake. 
18.  A red car.
19. A t-shirt of some rock-band. 
20.  A futbol/soccer ball. 

1- Jeb on The Host likes to whistle around the tunnels. 

2- On Requiem. Almost at the end. (Can't say more because of spoilers

4 - Charlie goes to several parties on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The prom was a funny one for me. 

6 - Melanie from The Host

8- Wanda did a lot when she was first on the human resistance fort.

9 - Charlie gets suspended or grounded after a fight scene. 

13- Hanna looks for a pen on Fred's desk to write a note. 

16 - I think Wanda translates Melanie's thoughts for a long time after she has found her place around Jared. 

20- Who would think that even in the (almost) extintion, humans would still care of playing futbol on The Host resistance fort. 

1. A love letter. 
2. A notebook. 
3. A character with your same profession/occupation. 
4. A crime scene. 
5. A scene where someone goes upstairs. 
6. A character with excessive make-up. 
7. An ax. 
8. A videogame. 
9. Someone who writes an e-mail. 
10. A contract. 
11. A magical wand. 
12. A tattoo. 
13. A bat. 
14. A blood stain. 
15. A piece of lingerie. 
16. A character that is naked. 
17. A creature of the Greek mythology. 
18. A clown. 
19. An owl. 
20. A parachute. 

3 - Doc. From The Host. We do pretty much the same, just that he's got to work with what he's got on hands. (Still I do the same thing, trying to improvise with whatever I can get my hands on

4 - The horror Wanda finds in the Hospital counts as a crime scene for her. (I would think that too

5- Hanna goes upstairs on Requiem when she is tired of listening the TV about the other side of the wall. (Or to escape from Fred

7 - They carry one of this around when humans first find Wanda. 

14- The table at Doc's office. With all that silver on it... 

Yeap. Those are pretty much the ones I've been able to find. And yes, I'm doing references to the same books. 

Whenever I find more I'll post a new update.